Thursday 17 August 2017

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Vancouver Island is home to more than 750 thousand people who enjoy a variety of lifestyles like no other place in the world. The island is steeped in culture and abundant in all the recreational resources that make it a world-class tourist destination. At the same time, it is equally rich in agriculture, fishing, forestry, and the local manufacturing of every sort, ranging from Cowichan sweaters, fishing gear and work boots, all the way to regional cheeses, wines and a deluge of craft beers.    

Those who call Vancouver Island their home, proudly protect their culture and resources. If you scan up and down the Island, from Victoria to Port Hardy and Nanaimo to Tofino, you will find dozens of distinct, yet interdependent communities with thousands of unique individuals ready to show you around their corner of the world.

Victoria Lifestyles Magazine is dedicated to bringing all the communities of the Island together through its support of local businesses, charities, and community groups. Our mandate is to educate, inspire, and entertain readers by covering a wide range of topics and appealing to a diverse demographic.

It is the diversity of people that creates this great community and we clearly believe bringing the talent, business, and perspectives of our residents together reinforce relationships, strengthen communities, and elevate lifestyles.

Each day you will see articles posted from a host of contributors in a variety of columns. If you enjoy writing on a subject you are passionate about and consider yourself a thought leader in the community, we would love to hear from you.

Health, Lifestyle and Fitness / Celebrating everything we do when we are not at work.

Business / Gain insight from local professionals and business leaders in the community.

House and Home / Everything that happens in and around your home; from real-estate to furniture to food. 

The Bigger Picture / Everybody has a story. We’ll introduce you to seemingly ordinary people and expose the extraordinary in them.

Opinion / Islanders are passionate about just about every subject imaginable and we subscribe to the quote: 

“When two men in business always agree, one of them is unnecessary” - William Wrigley Jr.

When we take the time to really listen and learn other people's points of view, we gain valuable insight and often find that opposing sides are not as far apart as they might seem.

Sponsored Content / In each of our columns, you will find articles of interest brought to you by businesses and professionals within the community who are passionate about their areas of expertise and want to share their knowledge with you. Victoria Lifestyles Magazine gratefully acknowledges their contribution and encourage you to support their businesses.