You – Written Article

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It’s your story… Let’s hear it.

Content marketing in Victoria Lifestyles Magazine gives you the opportunity to tell your story and create a relationship with your potential clients.

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It’s your story to tell, and if you like to write, or know somebody who does, this is the opportunity to tell the world what makes your business stand apart.

  • The article is provided by the client and ready to post.
  • Articles ranging in length from 400 to 600 words are the most effective.
  • The article will include up to three links back to advertisers website along with full contact information.
  • We will ensure your article is search engine optimized for maximum exposure.
  • Your article will be promoted through our social media channels for maximum daily exposure

Please provide images at least 1000px wide. If you require the services of a photographer, we will be happy to recommend one to you.