Thursday 17 August 2017

The Race Drivers Paradise: Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit At Full Throttle

On the top of a mountain, tucked away on an Island in the Pacific Ocean, you wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the fresh ocean air. There is a stir in the main dining room as the half-dozen other drivers and car enthusiasts gather for a healthy driver’s breakfast, looking out the plate glass windows over 95 acres of wilderness…

The sound of helicopters approaching gives warning to departure in ten minutes for a day at the track where your car awaits, trucked up ahead of time, from your hometown, new rubber installed and parked outside the 15,000 sq ft all-glass clubhouse.

Today’s going to be a good day.

Peter Trzewik and Sylvester Chuang of GAIN have dreamt of a private motorsport circuit design by a professional Formula One track engineer, for years.  Now, as of June 4, 2016, they have not only made one from scratch, with the guidance of world renowned Tilke GmbH designer of nearly every modern Grand Prix circuit in the past two decades; they also have a few exclusive spots available for anyone in the world to join them.

Unlike the common track, Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is your private oasis, away from the chaos of racers, crowds, and pressure.

No need to worry about congestion, passing, or blocking, as there will be great care to load the circuit appropriately with drivers just like you. There are enough corners and alternate track configurations to keep everyone happy, at the same time.  I was very impressed at how well this worked, even with a wide range of experience in the drivers on my day, even people that had never driven on a track or circuit of any type before!

Whatever your experience or skill, regardless of horsepower or age, Island Circuit has everything it takes to improve your confidence and enjoyment of driving.

With state of the art tracking and monitoring systems, you can see exactly where you lost time on your laps, and the driving coaches are on hand to provide expert advice to improve.  With MYLaps timing your laps, and the robust in-car, detailed RaceLogic tracking, every new lap will be your best ever!

Also inside the 15,000 sq ft clubhouse is a full-service kitchen, bar, and wired up meeting rooms with removable walls to accommodate any size of party, course, or event you can dream up. Well, up to a 175 people anyway.

Speaking of dream events, how ’bout a well-appointed room full of peers, racing icons, celebrity drivers, and guest instructors like Max Papis, Kevin Schwantz and Tony Morris Jr. from time to time to share stories of your lap times on this and other world circuits? No hot dogs in a cart here!

Driving a high-performance car around a 2.3km track, with 19 turns for four hours will take its toll mentally and physically. But only for a short while, as the Villa Eyrie awaits with a full-service spa, complete with driving-centric rejuvenation doctors including massage, acupuncture, and private chef, all skilled in the science of restoring your mind and body to an optimal condition for the next day.

Whether you plan to expand your skills on the circuit tomorrow, get a quick, 10-minute lift to downtown Victoria by helicopter, or Helijet direct to Whistler, you’ll be in the right spot and feel great in the morning.

Article contributed by:

Ernie Urdal

Ernie Urdal has worked in the computer and networking industry both publicly and privately for 20 years in everything from government departments, large mills, and universities to board offices, local computer shops, and home repairs. His experience with small- to medium-scale networks, in a variety of production environments makes him well rounded in a wide range of computing and administrative areas.



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