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Gluten-Free Recipe: Smoked Salmon Lemon Pasta with Mint Butter Sauce

Recipe for Salmon

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The Lifestyle category of our site is filled with sumptuous recipes for your dining pleasures, but this time, let’s put a little bit of twist to your standard meal by making a dish that’s gluten-free.

“Why go gluten-free?” you might ask. As it turns out, a significant portion of the Canadian population needs to stick to that diet. Global News relayed a study by Health Canada which found that around 300,000 Canadians are afflicted with Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder which makes a person’s antibodies go berserk when they detect gluten in the body. But that tally doesn’t include people who have gluten-intolerance that’s more common, which in turn makes up a larger portion of the populace.

Gluten-free recipes are made for such individuals, and today, check out a dish recommended by Heather Christo whose specialty is allergen-free food. The Smoked Salmon Lemon Pasta with Mint Butter Sauce can be prepared in as short as 10 minutes with ingredients that are easy to find. The main ingredient for instance – salmon, especially pink salmon, is highly abundant in the waters of British Columbia.

The only difference with this dish – as opposed to its regular version – is the gluten-free pasta. There is ready-made gluten-free pasta which you can buy, but if you want to make your own, here’s one method shared by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on his cooking site.

With that part taken care of, let’s proceed with the actual dish.


1 lb. gluten-free pasta
8 oz. smoked salmon
2 lemons
1 cup mint, sliced
2 cups peas, hulled
6 oz. butter
kosher salt, to taste


Boil salted water in a pot and cook pasta for 10 minutes until al dente. While waiting, juice lemons and set aside. In a pan, boil water then submerge peas for about two minutes and drain afterwards.

Drain pasta and then melt the butter in the pot. Put back cooked pasta and add the lemon juice. Stir well.

Mix in the peas and mint leaves, then add salt to taste. Finally, top with slices of smoked salmon then serve.

Gluten-free doesn’t have to be bland

This dish has a great balance of flavour from the zestiness of the salmon, sourness of the lemon and coolness of the mint, with the peas adding texture and the pasta holding everything together. There are many gluten-free dishes today that taste just as good as – or sometimes even better than – regular food.

Gluten-free doesn’t mean bad for your weight or figure

A frequently raised issue as well is whether a gluten-free diet can aid in maintaining fitness considering that wheat, rye and other glutinous ingredients are a natural part of the recommended daily food intake. But there’s a way around it given that there are alternatives which you can consume. Just like in any other fitness program, balance is still the key towards staying in shape. To serve as examples, look no further than popular personalities who have either of the two conditions mentioned earlier or are allergic to wheat, but still manage to stay fit.

The Canadian hockey superstar Tom Kostopoulos, for one, was diagnosed with Celiac disease forcing him to go gluten-free. But as clearly shown through his stellar career, his condition is in no way affecting his performances on the rink.

As for women, the Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is well known for being allergic to wheat, but despite her gluten-free diet, she’s still one of the fittest female action heroes in the world today. Her high levels of fitness have been evident in her role as the Marvel character Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow. Her global appeal has even meant she’s appeared in the likes of Family Guy, the hit cartoon sitcom that gained a worldwide following and even its own licensed game in the form of the Family Guy slots title which features all the members of the Griffin family. Johansson has often ranked among the top sexiest women in the world and many of her roles belong to the action category including her recent film Ghost in the Shell, which means that she has to stay in shape to cope with the demands of her roles. She may be on a gluten-free diet, but with the right balance, a variety of foods and exercise, she is able to maintain her fitness and figure.

All things considered, the best part is that the recipe above is one of many, all of which can be as equally fulfilling as other normal dishes. For more delicious recommendations, browse through our Recipes page


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