Thursday 27 July 2017


Victoria Lifestyles Magazine reaches thousands of locals and visitors every day.

We are dedicated to bringing the community together through its support of local businesses, charities, and community groups. Our mandate is to educate, inspire, and entertain our readers by covering a diverse range of topics and appealing to a broad demographic.

We can see that it is the diversity of people that creates a community. We believe bringing together the talent, business, and perspectives of our residents will reinforce relationships, strengthen communities, and elevate lifestyles.

Our advertising and promotional opportunities are offered exclusively to locally owned and operated businesses to align them with the movers, shakers, innovators, small businesses and thought leaders in our community.

Display Advertising

Create thousands of great impressions daily with attractive display advertising. Available in a variety of sizes and placements to fit your taste and budget.

Victoria Lifestyles Magazine Leaderboard
Advertising is easy.

Simply choose which ad size fits your taste and budget. Note: There are substantial discounts available when you book your ads for three or six months.

If you require ad design, click here to see our low graphic design rates. Otherwise, we have created photoshop template files for each ad size to send to your designer.

Victoria Lifestyles Half Page Banner
Victoria Lifestyles Magazine
Big Box

300px X 250px
$150 / month

Half Page

300px X 600px
$200 / month


728px X 90px
$250 / month

Small Banner

468px X 60px
$75 / month

Full set

4 consecutive
$500 / month

Content Marketing

Knowledge is power. Promoted content will increase consumer confidence in your business by giving them the bigger perspective on what you sell and how you do business.

This added knowledge will increase the chances that consumer will frequent your business and tell their friends about their experience.

Your marketing article will also be promoted through our social media channels ensuring thousands of viewers have the opportunity to learn about your business on a daily basis.

Promotional pieces are reserved exclusively for local businesses.

You – Written Article

This is your opportunity to tell your story. If you have a talent for the written word or have access to a wordsmith, we would be happy to promote your story through the pages of Victoria Lifestyles Magazine. Promoted content is fast becoming the most valuable marketing vehicle. We'll ensure your story is well exposed to thousands of local potential clients.

$300 / three months daily exposure


Let's get the conversation started!
We – Written Article

Let us tell your story. We'll interview you, get to know you and your business and then write a promotional piece from a different point of view. ... a marketing point of view.

Once we've highlighted what sets you apart, we'll make you shine above your competitors and promote it through our social media channels.

$500 / three months daily exposure


Let's get them talking about you!