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Paddi Moore Astrology | Paddi Moore
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Paddi Moore

Meet Paddi Moore!

Paddi has 25 years experience as a professional Astrologer ; offering practical applications and solutions for real life situations. Staying with a client for a lifetime, as an astrological advisor. During more difficult cycles, you may talk to Paddi a little more often as she supports you as a short term coach.

After 10 years as a western Astrologer, Paddi turned her attention to the source of this great wisdom and received her B.A in Vedic Astrology in 2003.

Her esteemed teacher, Dr. David Frawley nominated her to sit on the board of directors of the American Council of Vedic Astrologers, CVA, promoting education and professional standards within the global Vedic Astrology community.

Relationships are her area of expertise . She can help you identify and understand the underlying meaning or karma of a difficult relationship you may have that you do not understand. Having this perspective helps one gain an objective and positive view of the problem.
Many of Paddi's clients have been respectively seeking her ability to decipher the meaning behind the astrology chart and relate it to current life situations in a search for answers and direction, for more than 20 years.

After raising 5 children in Whistler, B.C., Paddi now focuses on her lifetime passion of studying astrology. She writes, teaches and lectures and gives private readings in person or via skype. Astrological readings with Paddi are conducted with the highest regard for your privacy and confidentiality.

Contact Paddi via email

Dr. David Frawley says,
'Your birth chart is the single most important document you have in your life, it is your karmic code".

Bring into play the almighty power within you, so that on the stage of life you can fulfill your high destined role.
~Paramahansa Yoganada~

JyotishVishharada CVA
Jyotish Kovid CVA
Jyotish Medhashri ICAS Awarded by India
Also educated in Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra, Vastu, Vedanta


Andrew Gerard Photography
Andrew Gerard Bigger Picture
Multi-Department, Writer
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Andrew Gerard Photography

We discovered Andrew Gerard on social media after we saw one of his photos of Vancouver at night being shared by almost everyone we know. Then we clicked around and saw his portraits of people and we knew we had to get him somehow shooting for Vancouver Lifestyles.

Andrew Gerard is not only a world class photographer but has been a TV Producer, Hypnotist and magician working in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Ireland and around the world for the past 10 years. We though he looked familiar, and after finding out he was a cast member on the hit TV Series Mind Freak with Criss Angel we knew why.

But there is to this young man, and somehow we weren't surprised. Gerard is also a guitar player in the local rock band DANHA.

In a day and age where everyone is a photographer we wanted to know why AG's photography stood out from the all the noise so much. We discovered his secret. He gets to know the people he shoots.

This sounds over simplified, but according to Andrew, "People will only show you who they really are behind if they trust you, and to truly trust someone you have to know them, all I need is 15 min over a cup of coffee and I have rapport with someone"

Andrew gained this ability working as a hairstylist for 15 years. He has an old world charm and warm hand shake, is a true gentleman and if you ever meet him, you are guaranteed a fantastic latte, great conversation and the best photo of yourself ever taken.

When Andrew is not on location, he can be found in his downtown photography studio.

Be sure to check out his Instagram Feed - Vancouver Lifestyles


Jennifer Schell
Jennifer Schell Local Recipes
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Jennifer Schell

Jennifer Schell is a food and wine writer, columnist, and editor of BC Food and Wine Trails Magazine. She is the author of two cookbooks based on British Columbia's most popular food destinations: The Butcher, the Baker, the Wine and Cheese Maker in the Okanagan, is a Canadian bestseller and has won numerous international awards and The Butcher, the Baker, the Wine and Cheese Maker by the Sea. She divides her time between Edmonton, AB, and the Okanagan Valley.


Dr. Parenteau practices exercise rehabilitation and manual therapy in Victoria, B.C. He hails from "la belle province" (Québec) but was raised partly on Vancouver Island. He attended the University of Victoria in the General Sciences from 1994 to 1997, the University of Alberta for Kinesiology (where he also wrestled varsity) from 1997-1999 and finally the Southern California University of Health Sciences for Chiropractic from 1999-2002. Dr. Parenteau practiced in Santa Rosa, California from 2002 to 2007 where he was also head medical staff for the California North Coast Sections high school wrestling championships in 2004 and 2005. He moved his wife and children back to Victoria in 2007 and has been here ever since.


Anna Rasmussen Around Town
Writer, Writer-at-Large
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Interested in all things literary, social, artistic, thespian, and vegetarian, Anna gets around town on her original classic Stump Jumper two wheeler, filling her giant panniers with found treasures and her iphone with snappy photos. Keeping Socrates MO close to her heart, Anna indulges in examining the deeper meaning of the mundane, celebrating the little things in life, and promoting the elusive quest for the good life. Ethos, pathos & logos, people! Follow her quirky micro-local adventures on Victoria Lifestyles.com. You may even beat her to the punch if you follow our event postings closely.


Stacy Kuiack Off The Shelf
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Stacy Kuiack

Stacy grew up in his father’s contracting business and stepped on his first jobsite at the age of 5 to flaunt child labour laws. He grew up on the wrongest side of the crookedest tracks and swore the whole time that when he grew up he d get a normal job. That normal career never really seemed to materialize and Stacy has founded numerous entrepreneurial ventures throughout his career starting with a medical technology firm at the age of 25.
The Vancouver Sun named Stacy one of their “British Columbians to Watch” and he has been a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the Caldwell Partners National Top 40 Under 40, and the BDC Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards (lost to Sarah McLachlan, some hot shot from Toronto and a home-delivery grocery guy respectively). He lives on a plane between Victoria and Vancouver, keeps his boat stocked with cigars and Guinness, plays second fiddle to the dog, and manages to keep a spot on his soccer team in spite of their repeated attempts to get him to retire.


Susan Stokhof Two Wheeling
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Susan Stokhof owns a successful online boutique, which specializes in stylish bicycle accessories. Living on and off in Amsterdam she was inspired by the cycling culture. The Dutch have embraced the bicycle as a regular part of daily life and they always dress for their destination. She has been cycling around the cityscape for over a decade now and recognized the challenges women face when using a bicycle as a form of transportation and soon realized the need for more specialized solutions for accessories and apparel.

When returning to Canada Susan witnessed the rapid growth of the bicycle movement, especially for women who use bicycles as a form of transportation. Her objective, taking the words from Mikael Colville-Anderson, is to “bring sexy back to cycling,” by creating a visual and practical environment where ladies can express their cycle fashion style while navigating the urban landscape, on or off their bike.

In her spare time Susan can often be found cycling to work, to local shops & markets, meeting friends for coffee, tour cycling in the mountains of some far off place and always in pursuit of the perfect espresso.


Jacquie Brownridge Dating
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Jacquie Brownridge is a professional Matchmaker and Managing Director of It’s Just Lunch Canada with offices serving Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and the Okanagan. A natural communicator and strong networker, it’s her job to get professionals from behind their computers and connecting with singles in their area over lunch, brunch or drinks after work. She works to minimize the stress and maximize the efficiency of the dating process. It’s Just Lunch is the world's largest non-internet dating service with over 100 locations and 19 years experience.

Jacquie has appeared on Canada AM, Global News hour, Urban Rush and been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including: Business in Vancouver, the Globe, and the Vancouver Sun. She and IJL Vancouver have been voted “Best Dating Service” by the Consumer Choice Awards for three years running and most recently the recipient of “Best of Vancouver” Award for Best Dating Service.
An Alumna of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Jacquie has a background in Psychology and Business Development. Although known for her ability to bring people together, she has unparalleled business acumen. A lover of travel and the arts, Jacquie has a back ground in music including piano and dance. In her spare time she can often be found on the slopes of Whistler.


Victoria Lifestyles
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Victoria Lifestyles Magazine Victoria is home to a variety of people of all ages who enjoy diverse activities and interests. The mandate of Victoria Lifestyles Magazine is to cover a wide range of resident topics. Utilizing the talents of highly experienced writers and journalists, as well as local burgeoning talent eager share their ideas, our editorial will provoke thought and perhaps lively, intelligent debate from our community’s brightest minds.


Jim Doyle Family Matters
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Jim Doyle is a senior Financial Consultant with Investors Group Financial Services and has been serving the needs of affluent families for over two decades. He is a recent graduate of the UBC Sauder School of Business Family Enterprise Advisor Program.

This is a general source of information only. It is not intended to provide personalized tax, legal or investment advice, and is not intended as a solicitation to purchase securities. Jim Doyle is solely responsible for its content. For more information on this topic or any other financial matter, please contact an Investors Group Consultant.


Della Vorshuck Health and Fitness
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Della Vorshuk

Della is the General Manager of INFOFIT Educators, North America’s Health and Fitness Training Solution for over 20 years.


Tracy Holly
Tracy Kaye Holly The Healthy Kitchen
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Tracy Holly

Tracy Kaye Holly

Tracy Holly is the Executive Director and public relations officer for the Cory Holly Institute and a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor.
She is a strong health & fitness activist and is a great believer in alternative natural medicine. She is the author of The Athlete's Cookbook, Sports Nutrition For Kids and lectures to women's groups, children groups and at trade shows on Health, Wellness and Staying Fit.

 In addition to being a fantastic whole food cook, Tracy has an extensive and eclectic background in Ballroom and Latin dancing. She successfully competed for Canada on a professional level and also owned and operated Spartacus Athletic Club, a coed fitness facility located in East Vancouver, British Columbia.


Dr. Cory Holly Dr. Cory Holly
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Dr. Cory Holly is the Founder and President of the Cory Holly Institute (CHI). He studied physiology and biochemistry at Western Washington University and completed his Doctor of Naturopathy degree at Clayton College of Natural Health in 1992. He currently studies physics, biology, genetics, philosophy and evolutionary behavioral science online at MIT, Stanford, Yale and the Ayn Rand Institute.

Cory has competed in a great variety of competitive sports including hockey, soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, wrestling, track & field, tennis, badminton, volleyball, triathlons, running, swimming, diving, gymnastics, handball, rowing, Tae Kwon Doe, boxing, bodybuilding and power lifting.

He was awarded Athlete of the Year in both Junior High and Senior High School and was the 2003 recipient of the CHFA Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame Award. Cory currently competes as a Masters athlete in track and field and holds many championship natural bodybuilding titles.

Cory has made many TV and radio appearances and has lectured at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU), University of Hawaii (UH) and hundreds of health shows, fitness symposiums and trade conventions throughout North America, Eurasia and Australasia. He is a well known author, teacher, mentor and educator.


Ashleigh James Ashleigh James
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With a strong background in management and education in the Spa industry, Ashleigh has been fortunate to work in the UK, Bermuda and Canada. These fantastic opportunities helped develop who she is but have lead her to wanting more. Ashleigh discovered that she wanted to gain financial security from her own hard work and dedication while also inspiring individuals to realize their own true worth and potential. She found this avenue in Network Marketing. As well as being a community motivator and fitness enthusiast, Ashleigh has a strong desire to empower women and encourage personal development through her videos. She is happy to help educate and inspire those who are ready to take control of their personal and professional lives.


Carmen Scott
Multi-Department, Writer
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Carmen Scott is the owner and co-founder of Burnt Toast Projects; builder of community resource websites.

She specializes in family dynamics and parenting issues for the very young, and the young at heart.

With degrees in Psychology and Art Therapy, plus 15 years in the corporate world combined with life experience as a mom, and now as a caregiver to both her parents. This makes Carmen an expert in this “sandwich generation” quest for simplicity, health, and well being, as well as the importance of staying connected with the greater community. Carmen was the “on-air” parenting expert for the duration of CHEK TV’s Island30 show with a segment called PG-Parental Guidance.

Carmen is never far from her laptop; writing, blogging, web surfing and working on Burnt Toast Projects.


Victoria Lifestyles Magazine
Social In Victoria
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Victoria Lifestyles Magazine

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